Since 2001 we have been delivering training which gives people the confidence to be as good as their job requires them to be.

Technically, your people know their job, but how much do they inspire, influence and engage?

This is where More Than Words Training comes in. We break down these sometimes mystical areas and teach techniques which enable people to become better presenters, communicators, influencers and leaders.

Two fundamental factors drive all our training:

  1. What we think and feel (internal influence) determine how we choose to express ourselves.
  2. How we express ourselves (external expression) influences how others perceive us.

By becoming aware of and mastering our internal influencers and knowing how to adapt the external expressers of body and voice, we become more confident and effective communicators.

"The mind is like a parachute, it works best when it is open"

- James Dewer

Adrian Kirk

"Confidence is a state of mind, backed up by behaviour."

Adrian Kirk, Founder of More Than Words

Our approach

We place a great deal of value in creating a training environment that is:






Honest & Truthful




We’ve found that creating a supportive environment helps people gain a greater understanding of their own thoughts, instincts, physical presence and emotional responses. It is that greater understanding that allows long-term change and personal growth.

Energy States

Energy States & Communication Styles

An essential step towards getting the best out of people, both personally and professionally, is to understand their personality communication preferences.

There are many personality profiling models, most of which refer to Jung’s Extrovert/Introvert and Thinker/Feeler personality preference types concept. As founder of More Than Words, Adrian Kirk has developed the Energy States model based on how we express our physical and vocal energy. The model explains how we are all able to access different physical and vocal energy to do different tasks, but also that we each have certain ‘go to’ preferences.

Because Energy States ties in with Jung’s work it also enables people to understand the four basic communication styles of Director, Inspirer, Relator and Specifier; each of which has a physical, vocal and language style.

Energy States is great for personal development: from one-to-one coaching to group development, from leadership training to improving sales performance; and for helping teams or businesses make shifts in how they communicate.

"I find Adrian has a consultative and flexible approach to me as client and shows a genuine interest in the long term development of those attending his courses."

Fay Goldsmith, L&D Manager, Philips Electronics UK Ltd (Now at Insights)

The Little Git

Each and every one of us has an internal voice which significantly influences how we look at ourselves, the people we meet and the situations we encounter. Becoming aware of the power of our internal voice enables us to understand and change the way we think about ourselves and the way we respond to people and situations, especially those we find challenging.

After years of exploring this area, the founder of More Than Words, Adrian Kirk, fell upon describing the negative, undermining, destructive internal voice as the “Little Git” and gave it a character. We now use the Little Git concept to help people name and characterise their own negative voice and create a constructive, supportive, positive mindset, which counters the negative, enabling them to become more confident and successful.

Illustration by Sarah Vickery

The Little Git