Since 2001 we have been offering ideas and techniques which allow people to become confident communicators. Knowing the academic, procedural and technical side of a role is one thing, ‘being the role’ is another. At More Than Words we help people become more adept with the people interaction side of their job, allowing them to become what the job requires of them, and what the business believes them capable of.

The great news is that everyone has the ability to be a confident communicator, an engaging speaker, and to be influential. That version lies inside, waiting to be discovered and released; all our training’s do is help them discover this, release it and offer a space to become comfortable with this version of them self.

Two factors drive all our training:

  1. What we think and feel (internal influence) determine how we choose to express ourselves.
  2. How we express ourselves (external expression) influences how others perceive us.

By becoming aware of and mastering our internal influencers and knowing how to adapt the external expressers of body and voice, we become more confident and effective communicators.

" I found Adrian, at More Than Words, to be highly inspirational, his ability to impart complex solutions in a simple and engaging manner is highly effective"

- Jo Bateman, Global Corporate, Philips

Adrian Kirk

"Confidence is a state of mind, backed up by behaviour."

Adrian Kirk, Founder of More Than Words

Our approach

We place a great deal of value in creating a training environment that is:






Honest & Truthful




We’ve found that creating a supportive environment helps people gain a greater understanding of their own thoughts, instincts, physical presence and emotional responses. It is that greater understanding that allows long-term change and personal growth.